Saturday, February 9, 2008

Richelle Carey will Host Prime News After All

When Erica Hill first announced that Mike Gelanos would be taking over Prime News, there was a collective sigh. But for the past 2 weeks, Richelle Carey has been hosting the show giving us hope that maybe she would take over. From the daily newsletter Richelle sent out yesterday, it looks like both her and Mike will co-host, this is the excerpt from the Inside Cable Blog,

We’re about to shake things up on “Prime News,” too. You might’ve noticed it’s been a few weeks since Erica Hill left. Well starting Monday, Mike Galanos and I will be making over this show. The powerful stories, emotional interviews and controversial headlines won’t be going anywhere. But we’ll be bringing them to you in a whole new way. Think “Prime News” with attitude.

So tune in tonight for the end of “Prime News” as you know it and come back Monday when we roll up our sleeves and get to the point!

Thank God, because I don't think anybody could stand Mike alone for 2 hours. This picture was from Prime News yesterday,

Screencaps courtesy of the Ultimate News Babes website.


Anonymous said...

Richelle is an outstanding anchor. She actively or should I say interactively listens, thinks on her feet and ask great questions to get to the heart of an issue. Impressive! I hope we see much more of her on a variety of CNN venues.

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