Thursday, February 7, 2008

Warren Buffett Calls Becky Quick On-Air

Via TVNewser, investor mogul Warren Buffett called CNBC's Becky Quick to let her to correct a newswire quote that CNBC got wrong saying the US dollar would be 'worth less' and not 'worthless'.

This kind of thing happens all the time I imagine, but why the heck does Warren have Becky Quick's direct line?? Does he have the direct line for the other CNBC hotties like Erin Burnett and Maria Bartiromo? Probably...


Screencaps courtesy of the Ultimate News Babes website.


Anonymous said...

Who cares if Warren Buffett has Erin or Maria's direct phone numbers....he's calling NCBC directly! He isn't calling CNN! He likes Becky...he likes Becky. He's human!

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