Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Frauke Ludowig is a Hot German News Babe

She's blonde, she's German, what else is left. This is Frauke Ludowig of RTL. I love listening to German news babes speak. Frauke definitely is a hot babe, like a half-MILF. She reminds me of Heather Locklear...

Frauke is bangin',

Screencaps courtesy of kimyong at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

"Vot did you say? You do not like duh vay I am socking das cock? Vee do everything by der book! I am zee best cock socking bitch in zee Rhineland!"
Give this bitch a whip, a black leather miniskirt, a tight white blouse (no bra) and black hat and SIGN ME UP.

Anonymous said...

This whore should publicly naked whipped with a very long Bullwhip and after the flogging she must sale to a very fat man as Sex-Slave. On the naked Foot soles of the whore the fat man must burning"SEX-SLAVE" with a red glowing branding iron.

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