Saturday, September 13, 2008

Robin Meade is Hot on the Next GAC Star

Our favorite CNN Headline News babe Robin Meade hosting the show "Next GAC Star" as in Great American Country. Nothing too special, but always good to see Robin looking sexy in front of a crowd. Robin will probably get more votes than all the contestants combined...

Robin is such a darlin',

Screencaps courtesy of dogbones at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

Robin Meade is a joke and most people don't even know her name. I am aware of it because it is at the top of her photos.

Is that show even in the top 100 ratings. lol

Here is Robin Meade showing some cleavage. Why doesn't she show any seductive cleavage on Morning Express? Because Robin Meade is a bratty bitch who does not give it her all in the glamour department for that show. I saw one of the blonde women showing cleavage this week on Morning Express so they don't have an uptight dress code.

Robin Meade is only showing cleavage on GAwhatever because she is outside of her element so she is giving 100%. Robin Meade does not deserve to host Morning Express since she is an arrogant piece of shit.

I hope the producers of Morning Express stop being fagget pussies, become men and realize what a loser nobody she is and brings in a sexy and humble replacement.

I know a lot of people who switched from CNN to Fox because they can't stand her arrogant attitude.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, look at her grin and smile. She thinks she is all that. In her tiny little brain she thinks she is as sexy as Angelina Jolie when she is not.

That's what I love about this blog site. There are no tools or Fake ass kissers here.

On this website people speak what the majority of people are really thinking.

Anonymous said...

I'd still do her.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but in the third pic I'd really like to see exactly where those legs lead to. I bet she has a fertile patch of her own ready for "a plowin'.." if you know what I mean. I'd like to "fertilize" that furrow. I'd like to "plant my seed" in her "row". I'd like to....ok, enough it enough, right?

Anonymous said...

Robin Meade is so FUCKING DISGUSTING, I can't stand that stupid bitch. They need to kick her wrinkly ass out of the anchor chair and get someone actually attractive to replace that nasty slut. Robin is so fucking gross, she probably has a bunch of STDs, please stop posting about this disgusting whore. Fuck Robin Meade!

Anonymous said...

I second fuck robin meade. We all know she has had plastic surgery on her nose and breasts and we wouldn't have a problem with that if she weren't so superficial. Robin Meade is nothing but, a slutty little hack who dresses like shit on cnn.

Anonymous said...

to add to what i just said, "I second fuck robin meade." i meant fuck her as in who cares about that little herpes whore. i wouldn't let her ride my dick if she were the last bitch on earth. she is why i never watch cnn.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Robin could ride my dick any day of the week. She does need to show more cleavage though...I'll work on it!;-)

Anonymous said...

That why I watch FOX News,business.
those babes show it all,Legs
,cleavage and some upskirt. Robin
need to dress a little more sexy I fuck her. Pussy is pussy.She can't touch My 2favorite hotties from Fox Jamie Colby and Liz Claman all the way!!

Anonymous said...

The guy hires all the news women on fox business channel should be the head of a hollywood studio. He hires smart business women who aren't scared to dress sexy. In Robin Meade's case stuck up to wear anything cleavage bearing. Who gives a shit, Robin Meade is a second rate news woman anyways. I know she is probably giving the producers on there great blow jobs but, they are sacrificing they reputation by letting this bitch host that morning show.

Anonymous said...

How do I get in touch with the guy posting the caps?

I took some caps of Patti Ann Browne from Red Eye tonight.

Anonymous said...

Most of you guys must be gay!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have factual proof that Robin has fucked her onto to t.v.??

Anonymous said...

Of course they don't have proof! I get on news babes as much as the rest, but you never "hear things" about how she made it. I think it's okay to speculate, but if someone is saying it's an absolute fact, that where I have a problem. I admit, I'm biased, I didn't like her at first and now I really have no problem with her or that tight body, and beautiful ass!:) Bring on more caps of Robin!

Anonymous said...

I think it is important to know the difference between news "reporters" and news "readers". Robin is clearly a "reader". Don't expect in-depth insight or commentary from her...just cleavage. I would say a large percentage of the women shown here are "readers". Exceptions exist of course, but there are few.

DyNama said...

whew! some people can be nasty about a talking head they know nothing about! me, i love robin meade, wake up to her every morning, think she is beautiful, sexy, and appealing. as a news reader she is at least as good as any other and better than most of the other anchor babes on headline news, which i think is a good group. robin is 2nd only to rubi bakhtiar in my mind.

Anonymous said... think she could hold her own interviewing Putin or Hu or even one of our Presidential candidates?
I think not, sir!
I think she is a GREAT news reader.
Nothing wrong with that occupation at all.
Love her tits. Love her face. Love her body!

No offense meant.

Anonymous said...

Robin Meade is the least sexy news woman on television. Yuck.

Would I let this none-seductive bitch ride my cock? Yes.

But after I pull my cock out of her pussy and come on her asshole I would then kick her out.

Anonymous said...

it's no wonder that these photos are courtesy of "Wide" World of Women...

Anonymous said...

Robin Meade is the most sexy news woman on television. Yucm.

Would I let this seductive bitch ride my cock? Yes.

But after I pull my cock out of her pussy and come on her asshole I would then make out with her.

Anonymous said...

Robin Meade fills out that dress perfectly! She should wear that on her news show. She really needs to start dressing better/hotter and stop wearing the clothes she's been wearing for the past 2 years.

LOL! my CAPTCHA word was: ingoo

I'd like to leave Robin covered ingoo!

necy said...

Robin is Hot as hell,,she doesnt have to show cleavage to you freaks !
get a life !
she is the in the top 10 percent of pretty people .now all you haters lets see pictures of you !
jealously is an ugly thing ,,

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