Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Megyn Kelly is a Spit Shiner

Oh, the vanity. Some of y'all probably already seen this. It's a video with a bunch of liberal turds commenting on Megyn Kelly of FOX News who is getting ready to go on air during the Democratic National Convention. She licks her hand to style her hair on more than one occasion, it's kinda funny and gross at the same time. I guess it must be a Republican thing to do, you know with Megyn doing it and Sarah Palin's kid, Piper also a spit shiner.

Where my dippity do at??

Atta girl,

Credit for photo: chitra at Reporter CapsNachoFoto.


Anonymous said...

Ok, which one is Megyn?

Anonymous said...

what a perfect name for the web site on the video. The folks who made this video are a horses ass. Typical democrats.

Anonymous said...

I'm neither Republican nor Democrat, but could you please write about Megyn Kelly's farts & turds which exit Megyn Kelly's anus?

Megyn Kelly doesn't appreciate the change of seasons. I haven't had Fox News since Feb. 2008, but 1 time when Janice Dean (who doesn't appreciate change of seasons) said it's going to snow, Megyn Kelly farted. Megyn Kelly doesn't know how to like snow. Janice Dean does smelly farts & turds which exit Janice Dean's anus.

Megyn Kelly & Janice Dean both do smelly farts & turds. Please comment on Megyn Kelly's farts & turds. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Also is Wendy Murphy the lawyer still commentating on Fox News? Wendy Murphy is fat. Wendy Murphy has an anus & Wendy Murphy does smelly farts & turds.

What do Wendy Murphy's turds look like? Wendy Murphy was a New England Patriots cheerleader, but Wendy Murphy is now fat & the turds which exit Wendy Murphy's anus smell bad. Wendy Murphy is evil & she talked rubbish about the Duke Lacrosse rape case & the Kobe Bryant rape accusation by Katelyn Faber. What Wendy Murphy said about those 2 cases smell as bad as the turds which exit Wendy Murphy's anus.

Lawyer Gloria Allred also does smelly farts & turds which exit Gloria Allred's dirty anus. Wendy Murphy does smelly farts & turds & Wendy Murphy is fat. Gloria Allred does smelly farts & turds. Lis Wiehl does smelly farts & turds which exit Lis Wiehl's anus. Megyn Kelly does smelly farts & turds which exit Megyn Kelly's anus. What are your thoughts?

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