Saturday, November 29, 2008

Suzanne Marques with some Holiday Cheer

Sticking with Los Angeles, take a look at sexy Suzanne Marques of FOX11, my goodness, I think they're making more than Thanksgiving Day pies. From the auto show earlier in the month, I like the look on the guy's face in the car, he's like "that's right suckers, I'm the guy with the nice car and the hot girl." Whoever she's with, they must have loads of fun...

Sexy Suzanne for the holidays,

Screencaps courtesy of Ninja and 3finger at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

no thank you.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne is amazing, I watch GDLA every morning and she is definitely a major hottie... I wanted to get one Marie Calendar's pies that morning - YEOW!!!


snaggle tooth said...

As good as she looks in these photos, she looked considerably better when she covered the shuttle Endeavor landing in California on Sunday. She seemed to be smooth and obviously she has great legs.

Hey FNC: Move her to New York and put her in a chair or on a couch!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne is very sexy & hot. Her husband is one lucky man!!

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