Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Contessa Brewer and John Ziegler Round 1

Nothing hotter than when a news anchor babe gets down and nasty with a guest, especially when the guest thinks he can bully her around. Contessa Brewer and some douche named John Ziegler dukin' it out on MSNBC. I like how Contessa took control at the end, "cut his mic!!", what a woman she is. I bet the guy had some kind of dirty-nasty fetish of Contessa or Sarah Palin when he goes to sleep at night,

Credit tip: TVNewser.


Denbar said...

So Contessa is fine being called slutty. We have all thought it and so I guess it is true. If Contessa really wanted to know how Sarah Palin felt she should interview her and ask her. No wonder the only people watching MSNBC do it with the sound off.

BlueStateBilly said...

Contessa is best seen and not heard. This guy pwned her.

And the Guv sure is a hottie! 5 kids and she looks like that? I used to disparage running as a form of physical excersize but maybe I should rethink, sure works for SP.

Unknown said...

i saw the interview and at first it was okay but the sleeze bag decided to give her a sleezy answer and she handled him like a REAL woman should:
make him pay for his comments and then when it was over---CUT IT!!


Dark The Man Duke said...

The guy was definitely being a douche, but he was pretty much right with what he was saying. Too bad he couldn't do it in a less-smug way.

Unknown said...

Typical liberal BS--what you can't prove with truth and/or logic, make it up with volume. If the answer isn't what you think it should be, interrupt, interrupt, interrupt.
Looks to me like the guy was trying to answer the questions he was asked, but she couldn't handle it.

zanader said...

Contessa is a fucking slut who was most likely knocked up behind the dumpster... and the idiot hosting this site has to be ok with that statement... according to his position on Palin, right moron.

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