Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Hot Norah O'Donnell on the Today Show

I keep seeing Norah O'Donnell featured on magazines and websites and then every time I see her on MSNBC or NBC like here on the Today Show, she just gets hotter and hotter in my mind. Now, this is what I call a hot dress, slit all the way up, nice low cut top.

Norah is a knockout in this hot blue dress,

Screencaps courtesy of modelhunter at the Wide World of Women forum.


QueDog said...

Norah was on Morning Joe working this same dress. And she kept her legs turned from under the desk to display the split clearly to the camera. Man, she was working it today. And she has the most beautiful eyes!

QueDog said...

How about Heidi Collins and Liz Claman?

Dark The Man Duke said...

Yes to the underrated Heidi. No to the overrated Liz.

Anonymous said...

Norah was giving the viewers a treat!

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