Monday, June 8, 2009

Hotties Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb at E3 2009

Last week was the E3 2009 conference. A yearly event where I assume a bunch of gamer geeks gather and swap joystick stories. If that sounds pretty lame, at least they have G4 hotties to gawk at, here with the very hot Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb. Now that's thinking with your joystick...

Olivia and Morgan are a hot duo,

Screencaps courtesy of DeadZone at the Wide World of Women forum.


Unknown said...

wow i'd go to e3 just to gawk

Denbar said...

I really dig the schoolgirl outfit in the second pict.

BigD said...

Morgan is so hot with that long hair. Every time I see her I imagine her wearing a black leather outfit, whip in hand screaming "On your knees, BITCH!! Lick my boots!!".
Olivia is clearly dirty-minded and doesn't care if you know. My kind of women. Thanks to both of them for being who they are.

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