Monday, June 8, 2009

A Hot JJ Ramberg on MSNBC

From the show Your Business this past week, MSNBC news babe JJ Ramberg showing off the hot legs. The guy she's interviewing caught a peak or two at them as well. I'd say JJ and Erin Burnett are about comparable, JJ's got a better rack though but you can't see it here.

JJ's leggage is hot,

Screencaps courtesy of zonajohn at the Wide World of Women forum.


BlueStateBilly said...

You rock, anchorman!

Glad I got up early yesterday to see this. JJs rack freakin' RULES and it was nice to FINALLY see the legs again.

FOX News needs to sign this babe up pronto so she can be properly utilized.

QueDog said...

JJ is the most underrated newsbabe. She has killer body - nice legs (she rarely shows) great boobs (always covered) and she is a smartie. Undergrad and grad degrees from heavy schools. A smartie, cuttie, and a hottie! Nice combo.

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