Friday, June 12, 2009

Talking About Norah O'Donnell's Hot Heels

Over at the Huffington Post, they're talking about MSNBC news babe Norah O'Donnell's hot footwear (don't ask me why, seems like something some crazy guy with a female foot fetish would do). Anyways, kick your heels up and enjoy, the entire 8 photo slideshow on the jump.

A taste of Norah's hot heels,

Photos from Huffington Post. Credit tip: naturebee at the Reporter Caps forum.


Dark The Man Duke said...

Foot freaks need to die a most horrible death. Really, is there a more disgusting fetish out there?

BigD said...

Feet I can understand. But what about "farts and turds"? You think a foot fetish is more disgusting than a "fart and turd" fetish???????

BigD said...

The feet are only the starting point. Remember, it's not the starting point but the DESTINATION that is important. And considering her hair color, I'd head right for the "Valley of Fire".

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