Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Robin Meade to Jump with George Bush on Friday

Can't wait for this to happen this coming weekend. Robin Meade and Bush 43 are going to do a tandem parachute jump on Friday, and all the CNN networks will be covering it. All I can say is, Laura, better keep an eye on George, a lot can happen from jump to landing.


Hopefully screencaps to follow on the weekend...


Dark The Man Duke said...

If they're strapped together, dollars to doughnuts says that Bush will be behind her, humping that sweet, ample ass of Robin's. I just hope that the 20 pounds of make-up flying off of Robin's face on the way down doesn't hit a poor bird.

Denbar said...

Are you sure it is GB43? George Bush 41 is jumping this weekend in Maine.

S said...

Wrong Prez Bush, Anchorman.
Its Bush 41- he's well known for skydiving on his birthdays. Was a pilot in WW2.
I'm not sure Dubya would know a ripcord from a shoelace--lol!

And each of them will be harnessed to
an Army pro, not each other.

Now how the Army guy will manage not to pitch his tent behind Robin, who knows!?

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