Thursday, June 11, 2009

J.C. Monahan is a Hot Fill in on Good Morning America

From last week on Good Morning America on ABC, a hot J.C. Monahan subbing in as the weather babe. Apparently she's in Boston right now, but hot damn, they need to get her on national more often. Bonus add with Kate Snow there.

J.C. has sweet hot legs,

Screencaps courtesy of IceMan at the Wide World of Women forum.


shadow said...

Did you miss my post of her? I had video and a gif of her. She wore parachute pants and did some funky stuff LOL!

shadow said...

That's my detailed post of her.

Dark The Man Duke said...

Never heard of her before, but she's a cutie. Nice legs too.

More of this chick, less of Gretchen "Granny-panties" Carlson.

Anonymous said...

She is from wcvb boston and shes all mine so lay off!

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