Sunday, January 13, 2008

Julie Banderas in Sexy Fishnet Top

I think anything in the fishnet pattern is extremely hot. There was this hot chick at the restaurant I was in last night with fishnet stockings, she was smokin', all eyes in the room were on her. Julie Banderas was in a sweet fishnet style top on last night on Red Eye, very sexy...

Julie's kinda on the bigger side body wise, but she has a sweet look about her,

Screencaps courtesy of the Ultimate News Babes website.


Anonymous said...

I know her last name is really Bidwell, but she looks like an Aztec Goddess!!! My gosh, her and Laurie Dhue, flip sides of the Godess coin!!!

Chris said...

Yeah Julie and Laurie are some of the sexiest women on television. Its a pity though Laurie does not appear often or maybe I just miss her.

More hot,sex and might I add "oily" Julie legs here

Asif said...

Thank God for Julie Banderas! She is drop-dead gorgeous. I wish she didn't come only on the weekends, but rather every day. Aside from their pseudo-conservative view points (at least radio talk show host Michael Savage says that about them - and I concur with Dr. Savage on that), Ms. Banderas is one of the only reasons why I even bother to watch Fox News.

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