Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Megyn Kelly Looking Unbelievably Hot

Something has just gotten into Megyn Kelly these days, I don't think I've ever been as attracted to her than I am at this moment. Ever since she was on the New Year's Eve U FOX party, Megyn has just been on. Her hair, her choice of clothes, shoes, man she has been absolutely gorgeous these days. I can't get enough...

All I can say is WOW. It's not summer yet, but Megyn's got the tight short-sleeves on. And her legs are just stunning,
The new hair, makeup, earrings, what a pretty face,

Screencaps courtesy of the Ultimate News Babes website.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Megyn is without a doubt the prettiest news anchor on cable news today. I've run out of words to describe her beauty. Gorgeous is probably the highest compliment you can pay her.

trainjunkie47 said...

Only one woman I know of, the name is Meg,
will drop me to my knees and cause me to beg.
I was hopelessly hooked....the first time I saw,
the new correspondent who was covering the law.

Every time I watch this Irish lass,
deliver the news with passion and class,
I want to tell the world, crying out loud,
how I truly feel, as if floating on a cloud.

If there is one thing I like much more than trains,
its a conservative woman with lots of brains.
On every weekday with her good friend Bill,
I watch faithfully each morning to get my fill.

From The Legal Edge to Kelly's Court,
I eagerly await her lucid retort.
The dissenters they try with all of their might.
Too often to count, they lose the fight.

I count it among the safest of bets,
that Basha and Bailey are the most loved of pets,
because after presenting with satire and pun,
its obvious this woman strives to have fun.

Our paths never crossed, which is truly a shame.
I cannot be mad, because no one is to blame.
If the chance was there...its easy to see,
the two of us in life.... hand in hand.... you and me.

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