Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fredricka Whitfield is Classically Sexy

I'm not a huge fan of her by any means, but Fredricka Whitfield of CNN does have a sexy classy look about her. She's like the preacher's wife, hot but somehow it feels wrong to have dirty thoughts.

No wonder they call her "the lady",

Screencaps courtesy of brian at the Wide World of Women forum.


John Groom said...

I don't know about not having dirty thoughts or about the preacher's wife, but she is classy and sexy. She's the around-the-way girl - the kind you marry b/c she's cute (not fine), has a nice shape (not hot body), but you know above all if she loves you, she LOVES YOU! She's the kind of baby that'll have your back.

Chuck said...

Dude, she is the flyest thing on TV. She is effortlessly gorgeous and a pleasure to listen to as well. She's the only reason I watch CNN on Saturday's. She is the bomb!!!

Chris said...

Ditto Chuck: She is without a doubt the finest looking woman CNN has in their lineup and is also the only reason I watch CNN on saturdays. She is so easy on the eyes!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne Malveaux is prettier. But I love them both.

Hza said...

Fred Whit used to kinda bore me and although I thought she was curiously cute, I found that she was robotic on screen @ times. Then one day, I caught her loosening up and cracked a joke. Then another one. I suddenly felt that personality shine thru and loved it. I totally rate her. @ 44?? She's bananas.

ch555x said...

co-sign on the classy-type. She has the right amount of hotness/cuteness...

jim said...

She seems sooooooo nice.
Seems like the perfect mom.
And as a bonus, nice to look at.

I hope to see her move into analyst jobs,
just as long as she stays on screen.

I congratulate those who raised her.

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