Friday, April 11, 2008

We're Watching Jackie Johnson's Breasts

Time for more big boobage action from Jackie Johnson. It must be hard shopping for tops that can accommodate her huge knockers.

Jackie's breasts are mesmerizing,

Screencaps courtesy of MadMac at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

What is it with Jackies and large plumpy tits! She has tits as big as Jackie Guerrido whose tits are just off the charts. This girl (Jackie Johnson) is looking for a cum shot right beween those huge knockers! I want to suck on those babies right now.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post about a meteorologist. It does seem like there has been a decision made to try to appeal to people's sex drives by deliberately putting hot and good looking women on television. I'll tell ya who else is hot: Christine Clayburg and Inga Hammond.

Anonymous said...

Jackie's Jugs are really nice and ready for that money looks like she might have the pink rose bud nipples...MMMMMM...

Looks like she may have a landing stip or be completely shaved....I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes...

She is one hot woman.....that looks like an incredible fuck

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