Friday, July 25, 2008

Something About Mary Steenburgen

Some hot leg action for y'all going into the weekend, petite hottie Mika Brzezinksi legs, overshadowed by Mary Steenburgen's hot legs?? I guess there must be something about Mary after all, even Joe's having dirty thoughts of Mary.

Wherever he is, Ted Danson is smiling...

Screencaps courtesy of the Ultimate News Babes website.


Anonymous said...

Mika's knees have so many bruises from all the constant use they get. This is the only way she keeps her job. Mary's knees are much better, no giving blow jobs for her.

Anonymous said...

Mika's a hottie? C'mon dude, if she's a hottie then so is every other chick on the planet. Let's save that word for chicks who deserve it, otherwise it loses its meaning.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say she was a hottie, just that she gives so many blow jobs in order to keep her job.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't referring to your comment, I was referring to the comments under the caption:

Something About Mary Steenbugen.

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