Friday, July 25, 2008

Why They Don't Show Real Cleavage on Red Eye

Whichever one of you commentors (lurker, NYC) wrote in to FOX with this is my hero:

What is the point of hot women coming on 'Red Eye' Showing CLEAVAGE when your dumb chyron guy doesn't remove the graphics covering the cleavage or your gay camera guy who doesn't pan down to get the money shot? Both of them need to spend a week in your activity pit!

There's about 10 seconds at the end of the clip with just a close up on (who I think is ) Alisyn Camerota's breasts. TGIF, commentors, go crazy....


Anonymous said...

Yea, it was me. I'm also a lurker of your blog. I was pissed off one night when one of the guest was showing cleavage and the banner was blocking the view and the camera guy was too dumb to pan down.

Looks like the email worked. When Larysa Poznyak was on the banner was gone, the camera angle was good, the cleavage views were nice and plentiful. Also when PAB was showing that massive cleavage. They took down that banner alot.

I'm a happy viewer now.

In the video that is actually Tracy Byrnes.

Anonymous said...

They need to make sure they show more of Tracy Byrnes' cleavage!!!!

Anonymous said...

The gay ass camera men and producers always block the cleavage on all the fox shows. The guy who made the complaint is right in sync with the several people on this site who always complain about that.

Anonymous said...

Alisyn Camerota has taken over the couch. She is not the best choice since sometimes she looks ugly which is not her fault. Maybe if she got implants.

I give Alisyn respect because she always plays up her best assets. From the beginning Ainsley never even tried to be sexy. When you get on national news you don't take things for granted and Ainsley only looked hot once with that orange cleavage showing shirt. Alisyn gives it her all every other day and she flirts with the camera.

I just took a look at Alisny's photos on here and Alisyn is smart enough to play up her best assets and does not mind showing her butt in practicaly see through skirts and wearing really short miniskirts. Ainsley never showed cleavage which was her best asset.

On a positive note: I hope that Ainsley takes over for Courtney as the news reader on Fox and friends during the week or weekend. She would be the best in that particular position. There needs to be a sort of hot blond cheerleader in that spot who can also read the news and she is the current best on Fox to do that. Ainsley is way better than Courtney and Alisny or anybody else for the spot of the news reader.

Anonymous said...

Alisyn is aware of her sexuality and does not shy away from it.

Anonymous said...

...First time write-in but long time viewer...

Your work is outstanding and I commend your everyday efforts ...

Hey, this episode of Red Eye was with Tracy Byrnes and not Alisyn Camerota. It was a good episode and I too concur w/ the both of you.

BTW, sometimes I use your photos on my blog w/ my own commentary. Do you want credit for those pics - are they your photos?

Best of August Roses, John French

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