Saturday, August 23, 2008

Awkward Olympic Moments with Tiki Barber, Jenna Wolfe and Tamron Hall

Via TVNewser, NBC's Olympic coverage has been taking a beating. There have been more Tiki Barber, Jenna Wolfe and Tamron Hall f**k ups than one can c*nt, I mean COUNT (0:47):

I love Jenna's reaction, her eyes bulge when Tiki slips it. Then there's Tamron, "it's the COUNT the matters, the medal COUNT".

Here is another transcript from another show:

Wolfe: What do you tell people that your nickname is?
Hall: My nickname is T-nice because all the crew members say I'm so nice.
Wolfe: No, no, no. Let me explain what your nickname is. TP, my friend. Tight Pants Tamron. TP-Tamron.
Hall: Tight pants. I'm going to kill you. Tight Pants Tamron. Well, let me tell you, today I lived up to my name. You have no idea, thank you very much.
Wolfe: Oh, we have some idea.
Hall: Yeah. Well, I — you know, I'm not going to comment because it'll be on a blog and we'll have to deal with it later.

Indeed. Also, apparently Wolfe is known as J-Date and Barber is Tik-ster.
Which blog would that be, this one?? hahaha. Tight Pants Tamron?? Classic. J-Date?? I thought she was married. As for the Tik-ster, probably should've stayed in football, would've won a superbowl no less.


Anonymous said...

I can't understand how they can let Jenna anywhere, she is the worst anchor I've ever seen. She must spend tons of time on her knees, that's the only way. AS for Tamron, she gets more time than she deserves just because she is black. After the Imus trouble NBC and MSNBC is running scared. She should take her fake boobs and go back to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Mighty White of you Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Well it's the truth, Hall gets more time on air, constant close-ups, weekend today, they took time away from other anchors that have been there 5 times as long and gave it to her, she got the daily Olympics update( and made a fool of herself) and all because of her color. MSNBC is scared to death so they shove her down our throats.

Anonymous said...


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