Monday, August 18, 2008

CW's Sexy News Babe Andrea Jackson

From a recent broadcast of CW, this is hot news babe Andrea Jackson. I like these guys around her, the first one is like "wanna come to my barbeque this weekend??" and in the second one, the guy's like "it was one heck of a party, Andrea spent the whole time on her knees." But damn, Andrea is one heckuva fine woman...

Andrea is hot all over,

Screencaps courtesy of easyone at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said... gay buddy from P-Town has the same marks

Anonymous said...

"There's where the splinter was from my Great Dane dragging her across the hardwood floor while they were tied together."

Anonymous said...

Andread Jackson is slightly over weight.

The first photo looks hot but you can kind of tell that her arms might look thick.

Then you see the second photo: look at how her legs look to thick and how her leg is folded on the other without looking firm. It is all fat. If you have ever had a woman sit on your lap than you will know how heavy this chick is. She needs to loose at least ten pounds.

Again she looks good at first glants but, she is slightlyover weight. She probably has bad breath too. Just know from experience.

I know that one or two virgins will disagree with me. But, once you start letting hot chicks suck your dick than you will know what I am talking about : ) Some women look perfect with clothes on but look like shit naked.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, you better get your eyes checked! Andrea isn't heavy.

Anonymous said...

Are you all kidding!! She is so HOT !! hOT hOT hOT !!! Me like her a lot!!

Anonymous said...

How is she over weight thei chick has one of the most fit bodies on tv. All I see in thiese pictures is a great face, good muscle definition and breast implants.

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