Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sexy Michelle Kosinski Covers Tropical Storm Fay

She's not a stunning hottie, but you have to respect those reporters, male or female, that go into the eye of the storm to bring us the news. There's something about Michelle Kosinski on NBC reporting from Florida that's just really hot. Forget the mile-high club, imagine gettin' it on in the middle of a hurricane, that's hot...

Michelle braces for impact,

Screencaps courtesy of Sabrina at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Where's the canoe, Michelle?
I bet just about any apartment along the strip behind her has a MILF better looking than this gal.

Anonymous said...

Totally disagree. this woman is HOT hot hot. I have seen her reporting on everything from Russian spies in London to recycling in Japan, news in the Amazon, Germany, you name it.
She does a great job, in my opinion.

And that stupid canoe thing? Wow, wasn't that like 5 years ago?? Why are people in love with that one incident? Maybe because they are so jealous they would love to see her fail.

Certain bloggers (and we know who they are) tried like hell to make that into some kind of deliberate deception, but anyone with a grain of intelligence or who actually SAW the entire story-- and the flooding-- knows better.

Michelle ROCKS.

peace out.

Anonymous said...


You can't tell me that ain't hot!

Anonymous said...

"You can't tell me that ain't hot!"

Ok, you've been told. IT AIN'T HOT!
I've seen cashiers at my local grocery store hotter than this woman.

Anonymous said...

Obviously some people have something against michelle. But they seem to be in the small minority. Did you see her named hot reporter by Rolling Stone magazine? Hello-- that's HOT.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i saw that:


sweet! that's an old picture though. I agree that some of these photos and screen grabs just don't do her justice. You have to see Michelle in action, preferably with a little wind through the hair.

I like, yessir, I like!!

baz said...

I never saw her, before today, covering Gustav. I've worked with many correspondents, but even so, I had to look her up.
Anyone saying she isn't attractive, obviously has an agenda. I'd bet if she was working for FoxNews, they'd be drooling for her ;)

Anonymous said...

Michelle is smoking hot...and what a rear end!

Anonymous said...

Michelle's first job out of college was in Rockford,Il.Late 1990's.She wore her hair very short in those days and was naturally pretty.Michelle also had this penchant for wearing very tight pants.What a sensational ass! Yummm...

Anonymous said...

I first came across Ms. Kosinski when she reported for WSOC in Charlotte. I knew then she would move up the ladder fast. As for her hotness, she exudes a feminine sexuality with her pristine beauty. Her eyes are especially alluring. We can only hope to see more of her on TV.

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