Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kate Garraway is into Sexy Tongue Action

I'm always up for a little tongue action. This is hot blonde news babe Kate Garraway of GMTV in the UK and I bet she can do all kinds of wild things with that tongue. I love Kate because she's a dead ringer for a an ex-girlfriend that was wild in the sack, everytime I see her it brings back good memories.

Kate's groovy tongue,

Screencaps courtesy of MVP at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

We definitely need more pics of Kate. Love the upskirt shots of her on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Probably just came (no pun intended) from a meeting with her boss discussing her raise. Missed a spot and decided to lick it off before going live on-air.
Trish Regan probably taught this hot women how to get those choice news assignments?

Anonymous said...

yeah she likes to swallow cum she is getting the last drop of cum what a nice girl

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