Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cheryl Cason is Beauty and Brains According to Southern Vanity

Via ICN, FOX Business news babe Cheryl Cason is profiled by Southern Vanity Magazine. In it she says:

SV: You’re blond, beautiful and have fashion pizazz, yet you’re presenting what is generally seen as a dry, humorless and generally male dominated news format. How long does it take for others to see that you have the brains behind the advice? And by the way, I’m blonde!

CC: OK, that’s funny! Well, one of the great things about Fox that I’ve learned is that everyone is so smart, but you can’t let our great sense of fashion fool you. I work mostly with former Wall Street traders and journalists, and everybody here has either been covering business news for many years or actually comes from the floor. We actually have a lot of varying degrees of experience and when we come together as a group, you are getting a lot of differing opinions. That allows us to broaden our reach to a more diverse America. It’s a great mix! From New York to California we are all affected by all the things foremost in our broadcasts like food prices and housing—like in Dallas, I know that housing prices are down about 30%, just on that market.

Brains before beauty or beauty before brains, ahh, who the hell cares.

Cheryl from a couple of months ago,

Screencaps courtesy of sabrina at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

Her name is spelled Casone.

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