Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Watching More of Martha MacCallum

Via TVNewser, as part of a minor shuffle going on at FOX News, Martha MacCallum will be getting an extra hour of face time as a result. Now, if they can get more of her hot body in, that would be something to really look forward to...

More of Martha,

Screencaps courtesy of the Ultimate News Babes website.


cross said...

Fox certainly has it's share of
blonds. Hitler would be very proud of their line up. Minus her huge chin, she's still okay looking. You do wonder, if she wasn't attractive would anyone care what she has to say? Of course she'd have Neocon's and the Neo- Nazi's. And the KKK ready to take orders.

Anonymous said...

This is one Hot woman, sure hope the new show lets her show her legs and maybe some nice revealing tops, she has beautiful breast, but like the legs she hides them.
Would sure let her come visit me, bet she really knows how to suck. I read where she was know as the Oral Queen when she was in college.

Anonymous said...

She probably did give a lot of head to get guys attention. Some women give blow jobs because they are good at it and have fun doing it. But, Martha MacCallum gives head just to get attention.

Look at her she is a loser. I would never get a hard on in front of the bitch. She is as ugly as hell. Her and Jay Leno have something in common. she also dresses like shit. What fagget at Fox hired this loser.

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