Saturday, June 14, 2008

Natalie Morales and Erin Burnett a Hot Pair

From yesterday's Today Show on NBC, hotties Natalie Morales and Erin Burnett sharing the screen, 2 of my fav news babes. I love the psychedelic top Erin has on, makes you wonder if she likes to drop out on LSD and make wild love to a bunch of random guys (probably not but we can always hope). Question for you commentors, if you were in a room with NatMo and Erin, who would you do first??

A NBC hottie splitscreen,

Screencaps courtesy of shadow at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

I would love to do Erin, but would pass on Natalie, she just does nothing for me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Erin Burnett looks to scruffy and like she does not shower.

It is well known that Natalie Morales is a stuck up bitch.

To answer your question I would let Natlie ride my cock once and then I would never return her phone calls after that. Some women are only worth a fuck and considering what an arrogant bitch she is well, she would be lucky to be getting that. I would have to pass on Erin.

Anonymous said...

Natalie is preggers now her boobs are getting bigger so she will not be on the show for long she will be leaving for months thats to bad she does have a cute little body on her when she is not preggers

hey Natlaie tell your husband to dump his load on your face and not in you , you are not in your 20's to keep getting preggers

Anonymous said...

Erin is so hot. I'd pee in her butt.

Natmo can gargle my sack, but that's it.

Anonymous said...

forget natmo, I would happily give Erin a "Pearl Necklace"

jf.c said...

Erin has a real bubble butt so id have her face down ass up and then when i explode up her ass she would clean my cock with her mouth

jf.c said...

I would have little miss Erin Burnett put on a little pink princess outfit and make her call me daddy while she sucks my cock and when she gets her big load all over her face she's then going to be told lift up her little princess dress and let me lick her little asshole while I finger fuck her at the same time

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