Sunday, November 2, 2008

Don't Forget about ESPN Hottie Linda Cohn

With all the hotness going around on ESPN with Erin Andrews, Hannah Storm and Wendy Nix, sexy Linda Cohn is still bringin' it strong. I remember having the hots for Linda watching ESPN Sportscenter way back in the day and today she still looks as bangin' as ever.

Linda still keeping it real,

Screencaps courtesy of 3finger at the Wide World of Women forum.


Damon Scott Hynes said...

You are one smart person for giving Linda her props. She's MILFtastic!

Anonymous said...

Would love to force this one on her back.

After I got done with her pussy and asshole..

I'd force her on her back and shove my cock down her throat.

Anonymous said...

Shitty studio lighting...great body.

Anonymous said...

What a hag.

Ken said...

You wish your wife looked as good at fifty as Linda. Linda rocks it.

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