Sunday, November 2, 2008

Martha MacCallum's Wild Ride

Not really a sexy picture of the sexy Martha MacCallum, but I'm looking at this picture and of course the perv in me takes over and I'm thinking, Damn, that must've be one big... for her to have whiplash that bad. It must've been on heckuva ride and I ain't talkin' about Wall Street, if you know what I mean...

Martha reminisces about a wild ride,

Screencaps courtesy of Sabrina at the Reporter Caps forum.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah baby.

I would give her a wild ride she'd never forget.

She'd be quite sore after I got done scouring both her holes.

Hey Martha.. I've got a pair of shiny handcuffs with your name on them...

Anonymous said...

Just imagine how much fun it would be to be the one to GIVE her the wild ride.

Grabbing that blonde hair and pulling back on it.. tossing her back and forth like a rag doll.

Anonymous said...

She is one hot woman, lord I'd love to have that beautiful mouth of hers get me off. She has one hell of a Hot body, just wish she would show it off more often. I've got some video of her working out in a gym and some of her out in the street wearing spike heels and tight pants, god but she looks fine.

Anonymous said...

You have video?

Is it online somewhere?

Damn... would love to see her working out.. and then give her a workout.

Here's a HOT pic I found of her ass.

Looks like no panties

Anonymous said...

"Damn, I've GOT to tell O'Reilly to stop pulling my hair so hard. I don't mind him yelling "C'mon Mommy. Give it to your little boy!" but this hair pulling has GOT to stop!"

Anonymous said...

Martha Maccallum's nearing menopause. She has lines & was alot prettier in 1988, than 2008. What's so good about her? She is aging & there are women far prettier than she is.

Anonymous said...

She loves to suck and has a mouth that likes lots of action.

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