Saturday, November 8, 2008

Watching Bonnie Bernstein on ESPN Makes My Day

No upskirt surprise this time, but from yesterday, the always hot Bonnie Bernstein on ESPN's Firsttake. I think ESPN should have a special presentation with Bonnie and Erin losing their clothes and having a tickle fight, would be their all-time highest ratings I bet. Well, enjoy the college football action...

Bonnie + football = heaven,

Screencaps courtesy of joeycap666 at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

Hair stylist? $100.
New blouse and skirt? $250.
Makeup? $50.
Shoes? $75.
Doin' her doggy style and being able to grab a handful of hair and yank her head back as you pound her without mercy?

Anonymous said...

Bonnie Bernstein is OK. She is prettier than Megyn Kelly.

Rachel Marsden the Canadian columnist is a waste. Even after it was proven that the woman Crystal Gayle Mangum made false rape accusations against the Duke Lacrosse players, Rachel Marsden made excuses. Rachel Marsden is even worse than Crystal Gayle Mangum, in fact those who continue to side with false accusers are in some ways worse than the false accusers. Rachel Marsden must be called Rachel Fartsden. Rachel Marsden does smelly farts & turds. Rachel Marsden the Canadian columnist has an anus & stinky farts & turds exit Rachel Marsden's anus. Rachel Marsden is a Rachel Fartsden. Other men have had the misfortune to smell Rachel Marsden's farts & turds. Rachel Marsden is a Fartsden.

Anonymous said...

She's covering her legs with the papers so we can't see up her skirt!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a known fact she has had sex with players and coaches! Who would pass up sex with her. I bet she is amazing!

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