Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Former CNN hottie Veronica De La Cruz Updated Picture

A couple of weeks ago, CNN announced they let go Veronica De La Cruz. Someone posted a much better, much hotter picture of Veronica so here it is.

WTD: Job to showcase my goods,


Anonymous said...

I think you have your information wrong. She is still on the air on CNN.

Anonymous said...

She's still on the air, but not for long. CNN didn't renew her contract.

Anonymous said...

I think she would have to HAVE some "goods" before she could showcase them, right?

DJ Black Adam said...

I think she has goods, she's good looking and actually has a good on air personality

Anonymous said...

If by the goods you mean she is smart and good-looking, she definitely has both attributes. She is attractive and one of the best newsladies on television!

Symmetry of a Walking Shadow said...

From a reportercaps forum

it looks like she's back on the air:

So now that she's on NBC and MSNBC per her Yahoo Newsgroup, do we need to move this forum? Maybe it will become active again?

"---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 6:33 PM
Subject: [VeronicaDeLaCruz] Guess who's back on the air?!?!

Looks like Veronica landed on NBC and MSNBC.

You can see a bit of it here:

She's on Early Today on NBC and First Look on MSNBC. Check your local listings!

She posted some pictures on her facebook page too. Link here:

So our beloved Veronica's back! Tune in!!"

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