Monday, June 2, 2008

Julia Moffitt is a Sexy Indy News Babe

This is funny, I used live in the state of Indiana for a couple of years and I remember watching Julia Moffitt when I was living there. She is definitely one of the hotter local Indianapolis news babes, definitely the reason to watch NBC. These pictures appear to be recent, from sometime in May.

Julia is a sexy Indy news babe,

Screencaps courtesy of the Julia Moffitt fansite.


40-Year-Old Blog said...

Julia is a news hottie. You also need to find photos of Angela Buchman (WISH), Crystal Wicker (WRTV), Jenna Maloney (WXIN), Ann Marie Tiernan (WTHR). That would help round out the Indy news scene.

girlwatcher said...

Julia Moffitt looks alot like January Jones.

Anonymous said...

Anne Marie Tiernon?


Julia Moffit looks better than January Jones.

Philippa Dozin said...

Juila is THE hottest and sexiest news babe in Indy! She is perfect in every respect. Watch her dance the tango...I now love to watch the news again in Indy.
Devoted fan #1

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