Friday, August 29, 2008

Marie-Pier Houle is a Hot Blonde Weather Babe

From the Weather Network in Canada, this is blonde babe Marie-Pier Houle making a cameo appearance. I love the top she has on, it's such a tease. It looks like a bra top, but it's not. It really accentuates her cleavage. They should put her on more often.

Marie-Pier makes weather worth watching,

Screencaps courtesy of zebrafish75 at the Wide World of Women forum.

Correction, this is Marie-Pier Houle and not Julie Houle as originally posted. Thanks to the anonymous commentor below...


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Anonymous said...

That's Marie-Pier Houle, not Julie Houle. The latter is a weatherbabe on Salut, Bonjour! Weeknd.

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