Saturday, December 13, 2008

Amanda Lang is a Hot Canadian Money Honey

Canada's version of the Money Honey or Street Sweetie, this is Amanda Lang of Business News Network. They don't show much of her body, but I've seen it before and she's got some kickin' curves. She used to be a CNN stock reporter a while ago.

Amanda Lang is Canada's Erin Burnett,

Screencaps courtesy of zebrafish75 at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

"Amanda Lang is Canada's Erin Burnett."

If that is true could she not sue you for outing HER as a closet lesbian?

Anonymous said...

Amanda Lang is so beautiful (OK hot) she hypnotizes me into buy buy buy buying all of the stocks of companies she mentions.

I want to own stocks that are talked about by her luscious lips.

Her eyes, body, mind and sense of humor are what makes Amanda Lang SUPER HOT. I know she' married and has children but I can dream ... :-)

kris94 said...

There is no doubt..she is a hottie!!

kris94 said...

There is no doubt.. She is a hottie !!

kris94 said...

Amanda is a Hottie!!

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