Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fantasizing About a Reverse Oreo on CNN


I'm surprised I missed it yesterday as I usually am watching CNN when Kyra Phillips and Don Lemon are on. This comes via TVNewser and the Huffington Post.

In a segment with the hot Gerri Willis, Kyra Phillips joked with Gerri and Don about a threesome calling it, 'a reverse oreo'. Gerri was blushing, Don was laughing and Kyra was licking her lips. Here is the transcript,

Gerri: Alright Don, you come too.
Kyra: We could bring him along with the girls.
Gerri: Come on!
Kyra: He's paying! Thanks, Gerri.
Don: A little sandwich!
Kyra: Ooh!
Gerri: Whoa, I have to go now!
Kyra: Yeah, good time. You don't want to talk about the reverse oreo!

The video is here.


Anonymous said...

Glad you pointed this out Anchor Man! Shows you what goes through there ladies minds sometime...not that different than the guys that post on this site. Is it me, or are there more than a few stories about white. chicks craving the the black snake? Spank that ass when your fucking 'em Don, and say "Who owns that pussy right now...say my name." "Oh,mmm, mmm,YES your big black snake OWNS my hurts so good inside me.":) Hate to climb inside Kyra and Gerri's mind, what ELSE could they have been thinking when talking about that? I bet both of them had a long wet night with a big black dildo, thinking about Mr. Lemon pounding their pussies!

Anonymous said...

I meant "Goes through these ladies minds."

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