Friday, February 1, 2008

Kate Garraway Likes Fishnet Stockings

Some more International content for you. Kate Garraway of Good Morning Television (GMTV) in England is one of those news babes that isn't really that hot, but she dresses really sexy, which makes her hotter than she really is.

Kate with the fishnet stockings (and slight upskirt), very sexy (click on the image to see the full resolution image),

Screencaps courtesy of MVP and The Original Groovesectio at the Wide World of Women forum.


Anonymous said...

thanks for actually crediting the source of the caps,not many people do :D
A refreshing change
groovesection UK

Formely "the original grovesectio"

Anonymous said...

Hey grovesectio, you're from WWOW, could you tell me why MadMac is such a douchebag. Doesn't he know that 90% of the women he posts look like they're out of a trailer park? What the fuck is his problem anyway?

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