Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day, Best of Anchor Babes

Since it's Labor Day, I thought I'd celebrate by first thanking all the Capping Gods out there who give us pictures of our favorite news babes. And a few pictures of the best of 2008, feel free to comment/post your favorite pics...

Contessa just chillin',
Shatner wants all of Courtney,
Liz Claman on Red Eye,
Erin Burnett hot on Conan O'Brien,

Most popular posts,
Kathie Lee Gifford and her stripper heels.
Contessa Brewer forgets her name.
Robin Meade interviews freed hostages.
Ainsley Earhardt goes skydiving.
Gretchen Carlson getting her nose powdered.
Erin Andrews at the ESPYs.
Erica Hill playing the Wii with AC on AC360.

Capping Gods, we salut you!!!
shadow, sabrina, slashasterisk, G-Man, deadzone, sandman, donkeed, zebrafish75, HSF, SceptreX42, centricguy, 3finger, cody, easyone, MVP, century, marauder, Gambit, IceMan, ZonaJohn, The Original Groovesection, GingerZeeFan, MadMac, and everyone else that we forgot...


Anonymous said...

Contessa has been working out in the field the last two days in New Orleans covering the hurricane and looking Hotter than Hell, with the wind in her face and the water in her hair. She's been going over 24 hours straight and by now must be very tired, but I'm sure never too tired for Bangin'.

Anonymous said...

Kathie Lee Gifford Has got the hottest ass I've ever seen on any woman of any age. I'd love to spread her butt cheeks wide open and let my tongue play with her anus for hours.

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